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Sep 8, 2010 12:00am PDT
wisconsin. actually, now seen as a bellwether, russ feingold really has not been in danger before except when he first ran for senate. >> well, what's going on in wisconsin is what's really going on in most of the upper midwest. that is that while we haven't necessarily hit quite as high unemployment rates as some other parts of the country, the upper midwest has suffered from really severe deindustrializatio we have lost a lot of our best jobs in states like wisconsin, minnesota, illinois, indiana, ohio, michigan. so there's a great deal of discomfort. and that has ricochetted hard against the democrats. there's simply no question that president obama came to milwaukee on monday, labor day, because he thinks that this is really one of the places where the 2010 election cycle will be decided. obama was in milwaukee just two weeks ago. so he's going to make it just a regular stop. the problem or the great challenges, that what people are concerned about is that unemployment rate. and, frankly, the deindustrialization. and very little of what president obama said yeed will insre quick conf
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Sep 22, 2010 1:00am EDT
. first the incumbent russ feingold. we testedab ad airing the most in wisconsin. the red line republicans republicans and the green line represents democrats. the higher the lines go, the more favorable the reaction. let's take a look. >> on fair trade agreement, letting wall street run wild. from day one, i voted against them because you warned me that cost family jobs. sadly, that's what happened. but we have to move forward. that's why together with wisconsin business leader, i passed parts of my initiative to put people back to work. poots why i proposed cutting taxes for all businesses who are committed to hiring more workers. i'm russ feingold and i support this message because we need to move forward. >> what's happening right now is that all of these canned daylights are speaking to camera, they are sounding pro business, you can't tell who is the republican -- >> he doesn't say. but everyone knows russ finegeld in wisconsin. >> but he could be a moderate republican. so we wanted to test what the republicans had to say. so we looked at ron johnson's ads and both among
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Sep 21, 2010 10:00pm EDT
. let's start with the incumbent russ feingold. his numbers have not been good as of late. we tested one of the ads airing the most in wisconsin. red line represents republicans, green line democrats. the higher the lines the more favorable the reaction. let's take a look. >> fair trade agreements letting -- unfair trade agreements letting wall street run wild i voted them, you warned me they cost wisconsin jobs that's what happened. we've to move forward. together with wisconsin business leaders, i passed parts of my initiative put people back to work. why i proposed cutting taxes for all businesses committed to hiring more workers. i'm russ feingold and i support this message. we need to move forward together. >> what is happening right now is that all these candidates are speaking to camera they are all sounding pro business. you can't tell who is the republican and who is the democrat. >> greta: he doesn't say except everybody knows russ feingold in wisconsin. >> yes he sounds like co-be a moderate republican. we wanted to activity what the republican had to say we looked at ron
Sep 11, 2010 6:30am PDT
president obama won it by 14 points in 2008. and russ feingold, the senator who is on the ballot this year, this is a state that has not sent anything but a democratic senator to washington since its first -- since it first sent feingold in 1992. but all of a sudden russ feingold finds himself in the race of his life. so this state that democrats thought was going to be their insurance policy is really turning into a bell weather of how bad it is going to be for them in november. and there are two other states that are also like that. washington state and california. again, these are democrats who barbara boxer and murray, who everybody thought would be their insurance and now they're in races that are too close to call. gwen: if you're president obama and you fly to wisconsin or washington state or any of these states which are suddenly in flux, do the incumbents greet you at the airport or find a way to be someplace else in the northern part of the state? >> in fact, in wisconsin russ feingold was not there to greet the president, although he says he will be there the next time
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Sep 28, 2010 9:00am EDT
help russ feingold. although he will not be here. our latest poll shows that russ feingold is trailing russ johnson who owns a plastic company. feingold has 44%, johnston 52%. feingold is a three-term senator elected in 2004 by an 11 point margin. the president is trying to help him and the first lady will be there campaigning for feingold in october. take a look at what wisconsin voters think about the candidates on the issues. 47% think feingold is too liberal. 45% think johnson is too conservative. feingold 41%, half of voters think johnson is about right on the issues likely helping him at the polls. ken buck is leading michael bennett, 47-43%. that's a state our polling showed was the angriest about how the federal government its work -- is working. 53% want to repeal the president's healthcare law. 49% of colvoters say they have hurt the state's economy. finally, to president obama's old senate seat in illinois. both candidates have had ethical issues and questions raised about them. the democrat giannoulias40%. kirk leading by 42%. 7% want the green party candidate, leg
Sep 28, 2010 7:00pm EDT
symbolize that than the senator of wisconsin who now faces a real battle. that's russ feingold. look, russ feingold did not support the surge in afghanistan. he did not support the usa patriot act. he didn't support the financial reform package of the white house because he said it didn't go far enough. these are the issues that people care about all over this country. i wouldn't just say it's progressives. this is what president obama has to deal with. it's not just the rhetoric and energy he has when he goes to a young voter rally. it's about his record and that's what people are measuring him against. >> but the question is, would you rather he lose? russ feingold? i mean, russ feingold, you say, stands up for things that lots of liberals believe in, but he could get booted out of office rit now. >> i think what he's up against is a man who never did serve in office, ron johnson. business executive, he's dominating the airwaves. self-financed campaign. it's not about would we rather he lose. russ feingold, who's been extremely popular in this land of bob la folet, right, who was s
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Sep 23, 2010 9:00am EDT
democratic senator russ feingold. how does he explain the inroads he's making in that blue state? we'll talk about that live coming up next. >> the health care bill shows you exactly how out of touch senator feingold has become. we told him to vote no on the health care bill, but he voted yes. he put his liberal agenda and partisan washington politics ahead of the express wishes of the voters of wisconsin. now, we are saddled with a bill that i believe is the greatest single assault on our freedom in my lifetime. martha: let's get a check on the markets this morning, just opened about 15 minutes ago. we got a little bit of unwelcomed news on the jobs front, unemployment claims rose for the first time in five weeks. we had seen a little downtrend happening. whether this is an anomaly or not, we don't know, but up 12,000, to 465 thoufpl that's not a great number. and it's down 65 points now, the dow jones industrial average, 10673, trading in a range, really, for the past couple of months. we'll keep an eye on the action on wall street, let you know what's going on. >> people that voted f
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Sep 29, 2010 12:00am EDT
turn to new fox battleground polls. in wisconsin it appears that left wing senator russ feingold's seat in jeopardy. challenger johnson opened up an eight point lead in that race in colorado bennett trails buck by four points. in illinois the race to fill barack obama's former seat is neck-and-neck. kirk leading democrat giannoulias by two points. in a stunning turn of events in washington state, democratic senator murray's seat is in play for the gop. businessman rossi trailing murray by a single point in that race. in ohio former bush cabinet member and congressman port man running from lt. fischer and leads by 13 point margin. to help us break down the latest polls kate obenshain and occidental college liberal professor caroline helmund is with us. caroline, feingold doesn't want to be seen with the president, twice. he's down by eight points. patty murder very in trouble. barbara boxer is in trouble. kirsten jill ground is in trouble. blumenthal is in trouble. i showed the -- polls -- gillibrand is in trouble. blumenthal is in trouble this is your party, the obama agenda they don't
Sep 2, 2010 6:00pm EDT
better shot they have at winning. it's amazing. even senator russ feingold is on the run in wisconsin. his win is key for the democrats. we'll join us live from the front lines at the bottom of the hour. the story you won't want to miss it. stay with us. randy johnson a bad idea? randy: sorry man, you all right? man: yeah, im good. yeah you just winged me. randy: think anybodys going to notice that? man: yeah, probably. maybe we should just go sledding... vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. no, it's just for new people. hey ! chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry ? chocolate ! chocolate it is ! yeah but i'm new too. umm... he's new... er... than you. even kids know it's wrong to treat new friends better than old friends. at ally bank we treat all our customers fairly. with no teaser rates... ... and no minimum deposits. it's just the right thing to do. >>> welcome backing to "the ed show." thanks for watching tonight. a new book from steve ratner it, the former car czar reveals a shocking look inside the walls of the white house. ratner takes shots at everyb
Sep 6, 2010 6:00am EDT
a lot of republican problems. he has a better environment this year. wisconsin, russ feingold is defending. he's got a primary september 14th. ron johnson looks to be the most likely republican to win that race. and, of course, nevada senate majority leader harry reid trying to hold off sharron angle, also a tea partier supporter. what strikes you about these races? >> this is a class of democratic incumbents that never had a really, really difficult year. and they live charmed lives. take barbara boxer, for example. she's always been able to win by being a social, cultural liberal environmentalist and all that. and which fits california very well. but in a really, really tough economy, she's having a hard time sort of pivoting away from that traditional democratic message. russ feingold, his opponent was totally unknown in wisconsin, was totally unknown three or four months ago. but he's a self-funder. he's never run for anything before so he doesn't have a baggage of legislative voting record or anything like that. democrats are having a hard time getting a grip on him and tear
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Sep 10, 2010 12:00am EDT
are now in play. >> sean: russ feingold. the governor -- the president goes to wisconsin where is feingold? he doesn't want to be near him. bennet, doesn't want to be near him. georgia don't want to be near him. bill white didn't show up to the speech in texas. >> there is not a single democrat in the united states of america who is defending the stimulus or obamacare who is running for office. they are all running away from it. what i'm telling republican candidates, you don't have to say this guy is a big democratic liberal spender who will grow government and the deficit. just say he voted for the stimulus. >> sean: there's a 20 point gap in enthusiasm and intensity in favor of the republicans, massi. gallup poll the best numbers republicans have had since 1942. 2/3 of americans think america is in decline under obama is there anything you can see or foresee that shows a path to the democrats making a recovery? >> there's only one way the republicans can help the democrats now to aim too low. if we aim at the eight senate seats but not the 14. the 40 or 50 house seats not the 1
Sep 5, 2010 8:00am PDT
, russ feingold is defending. he's got a primary september 14th. ron johnson looks to be the most republican to win that race and of course nevada senate majority leader harry reid trying to hold off sharron angle. what strikes but these races? >> this is a class of democratic incumbents that never had a really, really difficult year. and they live charmed lives. take barbara boxer for example. she's always won by being a liberal. that fits california very well. in a really, really tough economy, she's having a hard time sort of pivoting away from that traditional democratic message. russ feingold, his opponent was unknown in wisconsin three or four months ago. he's a self-funder. he's never run for anything before. he doesn't have a baggage of legislative voting record or anything like that. democrats are having a hard time getting a grip on him and tearing him down because he doesn't have a record. >> the president goes to milwaukee to talk about the economy tomorrow. who won't be there? russ feingold. asset or liability? how does obama work on the campaign trail this year? >> o
Sep 28, 2010 9:00pm EDT
. >> russ feingold facing a challenger. senator feingold was not expected to go to the event tonight. there were reports he wasn't going to go to the event, university of wisconsin in madison, i think it's his alma mater. he did come to tonight's rally. any idea what changed there? >> from what i heard, it was never a matter of trying to duck the president. russ feingold is one of the most dedicated progressives in congress. if anything he's critical from the so-called left of the spectrum. he had conflicts with the senate that cleared up and he ended up at the speech. far more common is when conservative democrats are distancing themselves from obama. as you see with people like representative chet edwards who is floated to be obama's vice president by nancy pelosi during the campaign and is now up with an advertisement in which he touts his work against president obama and nancy pelosi herself. with people like russ feingold, i don't think there's any meaningful distance trying to create there. >> a vigorous democratic party would punish that sort of thing instead of rewarding it b
Sep 22, 2010 7:00pm EDT
, exporting products. versus someone like russ feingold who has really been in politics the better part of 30 years. >> looking at the images from that ad, certainly i understand his theme, i was just thinking, showing pictures of himself so young, might be interesting. i was thinking about the fact that, look, on the independent voter, if there is a wave, this is one of the places to watch because russ feingold, watching him and covering him in the senate, he does tell his party to take a hike. he is genuinely one of most independent senators and who has angered both parties and so if he loses maybe because he has a senator in front of his name, that's really indicative of people saying throw them out. >> why any incumbent, any democratic year, do you run a commercial reminding people how long you've been in washington? there seem to be a disconnect there to me. >> they think they've got something though after mr. johnson with independents. they argue that mr. johnson is a businessman who was a beneficiary of three federal loans. a bailout of sorts. now he's going to get the votes
Sep 28, 2010 10:00am EDT
. another one we have a lot of interest here in washington is wisconsin russ feingold in the fight of his life against ron johnson. this guy has never been in elected office and never held a political position and a small businessman that has a lot of ideas about the economy and resonating in wisconsin. fieingold has been able to hold his independence holding moral victories and this time it does not look like it will help him out in wisconsin. if russ feingold goes down, that would be a big win for the gop. >> they haan haven't had a gop senator since -- >>> that does it for me right now i'm richard lui filling in for chris jansing. i'll see you back here at 3:00 p.m. eastern with tony danza. talk about the toughest and best jobs he ever had. no it's not a taxi or "who's the boss." it's being athomas, what do you coming up? >> coming up in our next hour, president obama tackles the economy again today as he gets ready to hold another backyard discussion in new mexico. >>> plus, strong words for democrats worried about the midterms, buck up. >>> plus new developments in the case of
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Sep 30, 2010 12:00am EDT
russ feingold would be down eight points? >> that's a good example. i hope this fantastic republican running against him, johnson, a businessman and he's running -- fabulous speaker. i heard about him when i spoke in milwaukee this year. >> sean: i'm surprised you didn't go to madison with the president yesterday. >> at lost i could be sure feingold wouldn't be there. >> sean: i don't know if you saw politico today. a number of republicans in the senate are attacking jim demint. >> he's our hero. >> sean: i agree. he's been the one guy willing to say no to really change what we need changed in washington. we need solid conservatives. now he's being punished for it. if the establishment in the republican party doesn't see this for what it is a conservative ascendancy, if they don't understand they are on probation -- >> if any republican in washington is upset with demint this explains why there's a tea party movement. americans are sick of republicans going to washington and saying we'll just be generals to the globetrotters let's agree to be good losers to everything. that's what th
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Sep 23, 2010 12:00am EDT
boxer was going to be in trouble. russ feingold down in double digits, west virginia, republican up by three points there. a lot of states that nobody thought was in play are now in play your prediction? >> seven or eight seats in the senate, 37 to 45 in the house, maybe as many as 55, i'm starting to move up on the number between that 37, 45 range. we are reaching a point where the democrats are pulling down their tv in arizona and phoenix congressman mitchell is in deep trouble. they have to cut advertising in places like ohio and pennsylvania where they are falling so far behind it is going to be a waste of resources. we got to keep this battlefield building and ing the republicans do, by making sure they got good candidates and message. looking good. >> sean: does it trouble that lisa murkowski is -- >> yeah. >> sean: castle won't endorse and charlie crist ran independent? >> crist is going to be beat badly. murkowski is going to embarrass herself. joe miller won fair and square for her to do this now is sad and pathetic end to a political career. i'm confident miller at the end
Sep 21, 2010 5:00pm EDT
russ feingold. the ppp shows feingold trailing ron johnson by 11 points. and an update on the big governor's race in california. jerry brown has a five-point lead over meg whitman and she's obviously trying perhaps unsuccessfully to buy that race. muslim bashing right now is one of the themes of the value voters summit this past weekend and newt gingrich leads the way in whipping it in this country. here he is stoking fear in what he calls the threat of sharia law. >> i have no problem with the mosques in new york city that are peaceful and obey american law, but i am opposed to any effort to impose sharia on the united states and we should have -- we should have a federal law that says under no circumstances in any jurisdiction in the united states, will sharia be used in any court to apply to any judgment made about american law. and we should make clear to justice breyer and kagan, who both seem confused on this topic, that no judge will remain in office who tries to use sharia law. >> is bashing the muslim religion become the new mccarthyism in this country? i'm amazed. i don'
Sep 27, 2010 6:00am EDT
of a tossup this year. when he campaigned in wisconsin, wisconsin senator russ feingold, running for reelection, will not be there. the senator has opted to appear with first lady michelle obama scheduled for later next month. abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 6:07, 64 degrees. still ahead, an expensive new cancer drug highlights the growing cost to treat the deadly disease. >>> michelle rhee back in the national spotlight once again, her lips were sealed again. >>> how long will the rain last? >>> heavy rain and the levee failure caused flooding along the wisconsin river. people in that area had to leave their houses as a precaution. in south dakota the people of sandbags will hold back rising floodwaters from the river, expected to crest four feet above flood stage later this morning. >>> it is a wet monday morning, but it's a good one because we need the moisture. we really need the rain. we are getting some beneficial showers. there's a little drizzle in rosslyn right now. it's off and on. there are some breaks in the rain showers. overall, we've seen rain everywhere
Sep 27, 2010 4:30am EDT
: when president obama campaigns in wisconsin this week, democratic senator russ feingold won't be there. the senator is opting for a appearance with the more popular michelle obama scheduled for next month. vinita and mike. >> emily schmidt live in washington, thank you. >>> the new round of mideast peace talks has entered into a crucial phase. the palestinians have threatened to walk out if more jewish settlements are built on the west bank. that new construction could begin as early as today. simon mcgregor-wood joins us from jerusalem with the latest. good morning, simon. >> reporter: good morning, vinita. you're absolutely right. the deadline has come and gone. for those settlers who have permits for new homes, we think that's about 2,000 who could if they wanted to start building their new homes today. but we cannot see so far at least an explosion of construction. prime minister netanyahu has urged the settler community here to show restraint. last night despite not being able to extend the freeze, he sent a reassuring message to the palestinians urging president abbas to st
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Sep 9, 2010 11:00am EDT
known for his independent streak, but democrat russ feingold running neck and neck in the polls with a political unknown. could this be the sign of a bigger wave of voter discontent? >>> all right. nfl fans, you know the kickoff to the season is just hours away. there's that music i love! but with america's favorite sport sitting on a $10 billion empire, what could go wrong? jon get you caught up on what's happening now, top box, nfl superstar tom brady involved in an early morning car accident in boston, brady was reportedly shaken but did not go to the hospital. harris faulkner is working the phones from the breaking news desk, she'll have details coming up stkpwhraoeufpblgts in the middle box new information on the deadly police shooting that sparked violent protest necessary los angeles, the l.a. times reports the officer was involved in at least two previous shooting incidents. >>> bottom box, the fbi is investigating vandalism at a mosque under construction in phoenix, vandals broke windows and splattered paint on the floor. jenna: well, a heated senate race in wisconsin i
Sep 22, 2010 4:00am EDT
, wisconsin senator russ feingold, who passed up a chance to campaign with president obama earlier this month. and california senate barbara boxer. >> i think she will go out and make a forceful and positive case for what this administration has done. >> reporter: the white house insists mrs. obama is eager to hit the road and democrats are just as eager to have her. polls show she is more popular than her husband. >> michelle obama has, i think, enormous power in energy sdoising the base and reenergizing the base, where that's necessary. >> reporter: the first lady has scored points with americans through her efforts to curb childhood obesity and her role as a mom and fashion icon. liberals believe that star power could help shrink the growing enthusiasm gap among voters. >> even if you are not necessarily a big fan of barack obama's presidency and policies, a lots of people still like michelle obama as a person, a more, and role model. >> reporter: come november democrats hope mrs. obama will leave up to the same nickname she earned during the 2008 presidential campaign, "the clo
Sep 3, 2010 8:30pm EDT
thesident's popularity continues tottack, what are the chances of one or all of them getting knocked? >> russ feingold was always consider the fire while the democratconsin and has been popular acros board. if he is in troub wisconsin then democrats an trouble elsewhere on your questionut immigration -- any, fea grips the country econom thatthe timego after strangers and others. weave learned this week that illegal immigration in o coy has droppedy 67%. all but hordes waves are fabrication. in this kind o c numbers you the number that matters most that is the on plement rate. the on implement rate is still up and w upo 9.6%his week. that is the thats a killer. >> u haven skeptical about a huge repcan sweep in november? >> witerassingay, i see more and more predictions of a thing. i stillhink at the end of the da you are not going to see both houses o congress taken er by the republic the case still must be made by the members on the ground, the crats on theund, the democrats runnfor reelection, they voted for these programs. avtand up and deheir votes. ify cannot do that, sham o >> how lisa m
Sep 28, 2010 4:30am PDT
wisconsin for senator russ feingold. feingold trails in the polls. but he's actually skipping tonight's rally. >> the president on another broader level, you know, this is not a year to be identified with a political establishment. and no matter which party you're in. >> the president's approval rating is now well below 50%. he will also visit iowa and virginia. >>> more hot weather is expected in southern california today. on monday it was so hot the thermometers stopped working. the triple digit heat triggered numerous power outages and at one point last night, more than 30,000 customers were without electricity. kendis gibson has more on the record-breaking heat. >> reporter: downtown los angeles has never been this hot. the mercury shattered the city's all-time record, climbing to 113 degrees. >> it was like walking into an oven. the ground, you feel the heat through the shoes and the intensity. you could see the heat swells flowing off the asphalt. >> reporter: the usually hot temperatures have made to an unbearable start to autumn for southern california. >> ridiculous. the calend
Sep 5, 2010 6:30pm EDT
senator there in his own tough re-election fight, russ feingold, plans to be 50 miles way when the president speaks in milwaukee to the labor day crowd. >> for more we're joined by john harwood. we saw a little bit of that story there. given the poor economy, how real is the threat of other democrats turning on the democrat or speaker pelosi in an every man for himself scenario? >> it's happening, and you will see more this fall. now at this point in the year, every man for himself is less of a threat than it is when they try to pass legislation whether it's difficult like health care. in the campaign it can be an opportunity for members to protect themselves provided it doesn't go too far. >> conversely democratic leaders are ken templating a triage plan where some get party cash and other fend for themselves. it sounds brutal, but could it be the key to the democrats holding the majority? >> the key point, lester, the goal of democratic leaders is not to save any incumbent or win every open seat. they can't do that. the goal is to end up with 218 members to make a majority. that
Sep 14, 2010 5:30am EDT
democratic senator russ feingold, a main stain in washington for years. republican leaders in congress are backing away from a possible compromise with the obama administration into that by house minority leader john boehner on the sunday talk shows. extending bush-era tax cuts that's set to expire by the end of this year. yesterday, senate leader mitch mcconnell said on the senate floor he's introducing legislation that will guarantee no one will pay higher income taxes. >> we can't allow this administration to demand that small owners in this country pay for its own fiscal recklessness. that's why i'm introducing legislation today that ensures that no one in this country will pay higher income taxes next year than they are right now. we can't let the people who've been hit the hardest by this recessi recession, and who need to create the jobs that will get us out of it foot the bill for the democrats two-year adventure and expanded government. >> all through yesterday, house republican leader john boehner, again, backed off the previous indication that he might agree to let
Sep 4, 2010 1:30am EDT
democrats getting knocked off? >>russ feingold was always considered the firewall in wisconsin and is popular across the board. if he is in trouble in wisconsin, democrats are in trouble elsewhere. on your question about immigration -- anxiety, fear gripped the country economically. that is the time to go after strangers and others. we learned this week that illegal immigration in this country has dropped by 67%. all of this is a fabrication. in this kind of climate when people -- this matter is the most the on the job rating. the unemployment rate is still up and went up 9.6% this past week. that is the one that is a killer. >> but added 67,000 jobs. you have been skeptical about a republican sweep? >> every passing day i see more predictions of such a thing. i still think at the end of the day that we will not seek both houses of congress taken over by the republicans. i think -- the case still must be made by the private members on the ground, the democrats on the ground and the ones running for reelection, they voted for these programs. they have to stand up and defend their boats
Sep 5, 2010 9:00am EDT
? >> russ feingold was always consider the fire while the democrats in wisconsin and was popular across the ball. if he is in troubl in wisconsin cabane democrats are in trouble elsewhere on your question about immigration -- anxiety, fear gripped the country economically. that is the time to go after strangers and others. we learned this week that illegal immigration in the country has dropped by 67%. all the boards and waves his fabrication. in this kind of climate when people are scared, all the numbers you gave, the one that matters the most beyond the present job redding and that is the unemployment rate. the unemployment rate is still up and went up to 9.6% this week. >> you have been skeptical about a huge republican sweep in november? >> with every passing day, i see more predictions of such a thing. i still think at the end of the day that you will not seek both houses of congress taken over by the republicans. the case still must be made by members on the ground, the democrats on the ground, a democrat running for reelection, they voted for these programs. they have to
Sep 21, 2010 5:30pm PDT
. she'll stump in wisconsin for russ feingold, illinois for alexi giannoulias, who is running for the president's old senate seat, colorado for michael bennet, washington state for patty murray and california for barbara boxer. >> i think she will go out and make a forceful and positive case for what this administration has done. >> reporter: and former president bill clinton is out on the campaign trail, too, and is now offering the president some free advice. >> i would say, "i know a lot of people are mad and a lot of people are tired, apathetic. and i respect that. because we're not yet out of the hole we've got in." >> reporter: mr. clinton told george stephanopolous the president should say this to disgruntled voters. >> i'd like to see him do something i didn't do. i'd like to see him say, "the only thing that matters is, what are we going to do now? give us two years. don't go back to the policies that dug the hole. but if we don't do better" -- this is the last thing, "if we don't do better, you can vote against us all and i'll be on the ballot, too. vote against us all i
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